Belle Fleur.
Belle Fleur.
"18 months later and the pain of missing you still hasn’t subsided.


I haven’t seen him for a year and six months today

please don’t steal/change my work or my source

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i’m that girl who wants to wear an elegant gown and go to parties in heels and be social and be loud in a big sparkly city.

i’m also that girl who wants to wear plain soft tshirts and be barefoot all day and drink iced coffee from a mason jar and snuggle with her dogs and quietly fall in love somewhere on the countryside. 

"Fall for him but never chase him, never.

-What my mother told me about falling in love (via pagibigdatcom)

"People come and go. Some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires.

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"why are you wearing that"
because im beautiful and i know what i doing



Somewhere between fuck you and I’d fuck you

somewhere between ‘go fuck yourself” and ‘no wait let me do it’